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The Last Post – Introductory Novella

It is April 1918. May Keaps is a twenty year old ambulance driver stationed at The Front. As if transporting hideously wounded soldiers, sleep deprivation and constant shell bombardment weren’t enough, she becomes unwittingly entangled in the untimely death of a young captain, Tobias Fairfax.

Newly-arrived in Northern France he was found with a discharged pistol by his side; rumours on the battlefield were that it wasn’t an accident and he had taken the coward’s way out, committing suicide.

Whatever the explanation, Tobias left a dangerous legacy that puts May in the line of fire. But she is not the only one with a reason to want to uncover the truth. And in a world where life can be extinguished in the blink of an eye, May might regret her search for answers…

The Last Post is the haunting introduction to the May Keaps series.

In the depths of World War 1, protagonist May Keaps shows the true strength of her character from the very beginning of this introductory novella, as an Ambulance driver who whilst having to prove her calmness under pressure, shows also her compassion and tenacity to care for those around her no matter the cost.

I have to admit that wartime based books are not something I generally enjoy reading, but I knew I had to try to get outside of my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did.  It was a great introduction to a new series.

(It’s also currently free on Amazon – So go grab it now!)

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