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12 Words with Michael Wood

imageMichael Wood is a proofreader and former journalist in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. His first novel featuring DCI Matilda Darke, For Reasons Unknown, was released in the autumn of 2015. The follow-up, Outside Looking In, is out now in ebook format by Killer Reads at HarperCollins.

Today, as part of his blog tour, I’m the one on the Outside Looking In, (did you see what I did there? *grin*) as Michael takes on the 12 word challenge.



Answers should be complete sentences, and completed in no more than 12 words (unless otherwise stated)
Contractions count. It’s = 2 words.

LOC: Your new release Outside Looking In is your second Matilda Darke novel, what can you tell us about it?

MW: It’s a thriller about looking in from the outside

LOC: As a long term reviewer for the renowned website CrimeSquad, what’s it like to be receiving your own reviews?

MW: Absolutely petrifying

LOC: How would you describe your writing process?

MW: Well structured and organised. Very lonely. I love it.

LOC: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learnt in your writing career?

MW: I am only a newbie, so I’m still learning

LOC: What’s the best book you’ve read in the last twelve months and why? 

MW: The Missing Hours by Emma Kavanagh

MW: She is a genius psychological thriller writer

LOC: Describe your perfect day

MW: Write about 5,000 words, plenty of coffee with no interruptions.

and finally just for laughs…...

LOC: Thanks to author Quentin Bates you have just woken up to find yourself on stage in front of the judges of Britain’s Got Talent, with just a phone book, a pair of wellies and a cork screw.What do you do?

MW: I only need the phone book to call a cab and leave

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