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Off topic, but had to share…

I’ve loved everything about space since I was as young as I can remember, had moon maps and star maps on my walls, I had my own telescope and would spend hours trying to get beyond the light pollution and star at the stars, I had dreams of becoming an astronaut one day.  My dreams were just that, dreams, but for others they took them much further, and made them reality.

That’s astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, one of the previous captain’s of the international space station.  Today I got to see him.


I was like a kid at Christmas when I got tickets to see him at Cheltenham Literary Festival this week.  He was there launching his children book The Darkest Dark, all about his childhood dreams of overcoming his fears and becoming an astronaut, and showing that with hard work and determination you can be *anything* you want to be.


For an hour I was mesmerised, as he talked, shared stories and answered questions.  It was one of the best things that I’ve been to see for a while, if you get the chance to see him, take it.  He’s amazing.

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