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12 Words with David Mark

img_3005David Mark is the author of the DS McAvoy series, which includes, Dark Winter, Original Skin, Sorrow Bound, Taking Pity and his most recent release Dead Pretty.



Answers should be complete sentences, and completed in no more than 12 words (unless otherwise stated)

Contractions count. It’s = 2 words.


LOC: Your latest release Dead Pretty is the fifth in your series featuring DS Aector McAvoy.  What can you tell us about it?

DM: One Girl Missing. One Girl Dead. Link? Depraved vigilante? Or pure evil?

LOC: How about some hints about what’s up next for our favourite Gentle giant?

DM: Family ties to murder …New York … trailing a religious killer. Cruel Mercy.

LOC: How does being a full time author compare to your previous career as a journalist?

DM: It’s better. I smile. I drink less. I have less money. Ace.   (LOC: Shhh… we’ll pretend we didn’t notice)

LOC: How would you describe your writing process?

DM: Obsessive cogitation, deep journey into imagination, structure, plot, flavour – then do it!

LOC: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your writing career?

DM: Getting bloody published. Ten years of failure and despair then overnight success.

LOC: Describe your perfect day

DM: Coffee, extreme weather, platitudes from loved ones, uninterrupted writing. Lottery win.

LOC: What’s the best book you’ve read in the last twelve months?

DM: The Girl in Green by Derek B Miller.

LOC: Why?

DM: Beautifully written, very interesting and a bit odd. Great characters and tone.

and finally just for laughs……

LOC: Thanks to author Angela Marsons you have just woken up to find yourself on stage in front of the judges of a TV Talent show, with only an ironing board, a box of matches and an armadillo.  What do you do?

DM: If it’s for Sky Arts, just balance all three on my head and allow the viewer to interpret my inner pain and artistic vision.   (I’m going to forgive the breach in word count, just ‘cus I *love* that answer)



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