Me, Jo T.

Hey all, I’m Jo, and, as if you hadn’t already figured it out, this is my blog containing all things crime fiction related.  It’s whatever comes into my head about books, interviews, authors, challenges, events, helpful services and any other opportunities I sometimes get offered.  There’s also some stuff in there about me too, in case you’re interested.  There’s no set formula to reviews, and no ratings system for books.  Just my words, some pictures and the occasional rubbish attempt at humour, all of which I hope you find fun and informative.

Things you need to know about me.

I love books.

I love meeting authors.

I love meeting crime fiction readers, book sellers, agents, and PR people, basically anyone who loves books too!

I like to experience new things, and try stuff I’ve never tried before.

I want to spread my wings in this publishing world and indulge myself in it in every possible way.

I like to chat.

Oh and most importantly  😉 I am also very easily cheered up / bribed with notebooks, books, and bookish merchandise (well I might as well say what you’re all thinking!)

So, should any of the above be right up your street, you just want to say hi, ask for assistance, or in general just be nosey about me then your opportunities are as follows…

You can e-mail me at

You can follow me on Twitter @LOCrime

and on Instagram LifeOf.Crime

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