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Author resources – a r t E A S T

We all know that in these days of social media, websites, blogs, self-publishing, and marketing, your ‘brand’ can form a big part of your success, and for those of you out there that need help in navigating your way around getting set up, here’s someone who can do that for you.

a r t E A S T   c r e a t i v e

A creative consultancy with a novel idea is launching a pioneering service aimed at ensuring writers enter the marketplace with more than just the write stuff.

From websites to bookmarks, business cards to publicity materials, the new service aims to provide a one-stop shop for writers in need of an innovative marketing identity.

a r t E A S T is run by artist and designer Nicola East and its new scheme, Novel Beginnings, aims to provide new and established authors with total marketing and branding packages – alongside ‘doing the things that most new writers assume are going to be done for them’.

Nicola is the partner of international best-seller David Mark and is using her experience of the publishing world to fill a gap in the market that she identified when David embarked upon his writing career. Nicola, based in Lincolnshire, said: “the world of publishing is quite a scary place to venture into and I believe most people entering it have very little idea of how things work.  When David first secured a book deal we had no idea that he then needed to get a website, or a dedicated Facebook author page, business cards or bespoke pictures of himself looking moody surrounded by books!  We thought that was all done for you, after all, he’d written the book! But no, this is not the case and I soon realised that if he were to have a digital toolbox, I’d need to do it for him as we had limited funds and David is essentially a Luddite! I’ve always loved taking pictures and have a background using computers so, to us, it seemed a logical step that I started to manage this side of David’s career.  I’ve finally set up  a r t E A S T  in order to share the knowledge I’ve gained of the industry with new authors in order to  help them create their own unique brand as well as offering established authors an opportunity to update or reinvent their own image and the tools that go with it.”

Among the services Novel Beginnings will provide are:

  • Website
  • Author Facebook Page
  • Bespoke Photography
  • Individual styling & creative direction
  • Business Cards
  • Bookmarks

However Nicola prefers to discuss your needs/wish list with you as well as your budget and come up with a plan to suit everyone.

Nicola has already received ringing endorsements from publishing giants Hodder and Stoughton.  a r t E A S T has a reputation for forward-thinking marketing ideas and was recently heavily involved in the production of a groundbreaking ‘Murder Map’, detailing the exact locations utilised for scenes in the DS Aector McAvoy novels.

Naomi Berwin, Marketing Manager at Hodder & Stoughton said: “It was an absolutely pleasure working with a r t E A S T on the David Mark Murder Map. From the initial concept to her creative photographic eye to her intrepid journeying round Hull and Humber to find the perfect location shots, Nikki was an integral part of the creation of the site.”

To view some of Nicola’s work, visit: