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Book 100

Almost a month later than reaching the same target in 2013 I’ve just finished reading Crooked Herring by L C Tyler.

Which means I’ve  finally reached the end of my 100th book of the year.  It’s going to be tight if I’m going to beat last year’s target of 130 books read. … ;(

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First Fifty

Well I’ve just finished reading my fiftieth book of the year, annoyingly almost a month later than I managed the same feat last year, so I really am going to have to up my reading level if I’m going to beat last years total of 130.

That said, I’ve found a great little feature on the Kindle app for my iPad that has encouraged me to get through several e-books this month. It’s a little feature that displays at the bottom of you page that tells you how long it will take you to finish reading the book given your current pace of reading.

If it tells me I have “3 hrs and 11 mins left in book” I want to see how accurate it is, so I am now constantly trying to race it.

It also means I’m a little behind on my reviewing as I keep starting another book instead of writing about the last one. I’ll be aiming to catch up with these over the next week or so.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, because I know some of you will be, book number fifty was Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall.